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Hope Outdoor Gallery

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The Museum of Whimsy

Toynbee in the House of Hades 

Freetown State Forest

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ms pearl 3.jpg

May 25

fairy post office 5.jpg

Cathedral of Junk

winchester 4.jpg

Ms. Pearl the Giant Squirrel

cayuga 18.jpg

Fairy Post Office

marsh's 3.jpg

Winchester Mystery House

freemont troll 2.jpg

White Settlement Cemetery

tarrytown 17.jpg

The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow

Troll Hunter!

Jake the Alligator Man

foy 40.jpg

The Fountain of Youth

weird fiji mermaid 2.jpg

Fishing for Mermaids

marine mammal 8.jpg

Marine Mammal Center

Fossil Field Guide

bird in hand.jpg

The Bird Whisperer

Mount Moriah Cemetery

zog's castle 24.jpg

The Ruin of Zog's Castle

groundhog day 35.jpg

Punxy Phil

field station 1.jpg

Fossil Field Guide

The Jersey Devil

The Montauk Monster

Mystery of Letchworth Village

Dead Horse Bay

UFO Capital of the Northeast

Ghosts of Welwyn Preserve

Cryptids in Kingston

Bigfoot in Beacon

Chicken Run

Hunt for the Dover Demon

Captain Kidd's Treasure Island

The Westford Knight

Eastern State Penitentiary

In Search of Rod Serling

Jack Kerouac's Grave

Newport Tower

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