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Dr. Filth


Formerly Dr. Filth, superhero. 

Fired from the Superhero Gang for accidentally starting the Superhero War. Produced and directed a series of webisodes called, "The Unnatural."

Nepotism Baldwin

Paranormal Researcher

Formerly Bureaucraticus, superhero. 

Fired from the Superhero Gang for "good measure." Worked on "The Unnatural." Excellent at organization.

Eva Lorraine 


Formerly St. Eva, superhero. 

Wanted by the Superhero Gang for intentionally starting the Superhero War. Up to no good. 

Joshua Solomon

Singer, Sado-Massochrist

Punk icon known for violent shows and brutal attacks on fans. Became obsessed with esoteric literature while in prison. Known practitioner of black magick. Unbelievable pipes. 

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