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Dr. Filth Costume


Convince yourself anything with the new Dr. Filth costume. Size XXL. Leather jacket, pants, boots, tough-guy gloves, beard, dredlocks and sunglasses not included. 



Ka’s mother is Matriarch over all the elephants in the Valley, and one day Ka will be Matriarch herself.  Ra and Ka must learn to overcome their differences and work together to protect their land and food from an even greater threat. Suitable for elementary-aged readers. 


58 pages






Ed Link defeated the Luftwaffe with a carnival ride he called the "Blue Box." After WWII, Ed pursued undersea archaeology, tracked Christopher Columbus, was arrested as a pirate in Greece, and competed with Jacques Cousteau to dive deeper than any man before. Based on a true story. 


92 pages




Becki Murphy is a teen pop star dissillusioned with her fame. Jesse Black is a bartender that believes he is the Messiah. Anton Lazarus claims to be the Devil. He promises Becki he can erase her fame if she will commit one justified murder to save the world. Gun fights, black magick, and flaming swords. 


268 pages




Andy McCarthy designed AIN SOPH to do good. He never expected it would escape and try to take over the world. 


38 pages

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