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welcome to printisbetter

Welcome to the new printisbetter blog! Click the banner above to visit the Table of Contents.

Spring has arrived in New York City, and we are hard at work deciding Saturday Adventures for next year. I want to search for Champ, the New York State Monster. Anna wants to visit Robert the Doll. 2020 should be a good year! New adventures have been posted through, press the button below to see them.

Come back here next Saturday for “Bird 911.” It’s not as uncommon as you’d think for Indy Anna Bones to be handed a bird as she walks down the street. Join us as we bring a hapless chick to rehabilitation. You can help the birds by following the link below. We are selling prints of this 8x10 and giving $5 from every sale to the Wild Bird Fund, who have come to the aid of many injured pigeons we’ve come across.

Thanks for reading, and come join the adventure!


Instagram: @printisbetter @saturdayadventure

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