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The Salvation Shark

Becki Murphy is a teen pop star dissillusioned with her fame. Jesse Black is a bartender that believes he is the Messiah. Anton Lazarus claims to be the Devil. Becki decides the 13-day maximum workweek stipulated in her contract has been ignored for the last time. She escapes her hotel before a show and meets Lazarus, who promises to give her a ride home if she will commit one justified murder to save the world. The speed north in fast cars and expensive clothes while Lazarus shows Becki a world of sex, drugs, and violence she never experienced, all the while pursued by police, the record company, and an FBI agent with the power to prolong life in his victims as he tortures and kills anyone that comes in contact with Lazarus.

The Salvation Shark was published in 2013 and is available on Amazon by following this link.

The entire novel was published on in 2013. You can read it by following this link.

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