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Saturday Adventures 2019

The New Year is on us, and we have a slew of new adventures in store. Four stories have already been added to the calendar, and we hope you will be joining us.

Legends of Bigfoot 1/19

This five-part series plunges into the Pacific Northwest in search of America's legendary primate. What will Indy Anna Bones discover on the Bigfoot Highway?

The Winchester Mystery House 1/26

This sprawling mansion in San Jose was constructed with intent to confuse and confound the pursuit of vengeful spirits.

The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow 2/16

Revisit the Old Dutch Church to seek the spirit of Washington Irving as we revisit one of the original Saturday Adventures. Expanded and improved!

The Fountain of Youth 3/9

Way down south in Florida Indy Anna Bones follows the track of Ponce De Leon in search of the springs restorative powers.

Bird Rescue 4/20

Indy Anna Bones comes to the rescue of an injured pigeon chick, bringing the little bird to a knowledgable wildlife rehabilitator.

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