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January 6th, 2006, Bambi Madden went out for cigarettes and was never seen again. Her disappearance sparked a legend, and she joined her place among a series of murdered or missing women. 


One graffiti artist suggested a connection, linking nearly a dozen killings to Police Chief Joseph Zikuski. Evidence was thin and mostly circumstance and hearsay. The conspiracies grew more deranged. Several killings were eventually solved, but Bambi Madden remained among the missing. 


In the Fall of 2005, Bambi Madden was working for an ex-con who did time for luring a college student to a secluded back road and raping her. 


Keisha Roman was employed on-and-off by the same man from 2002 until her disappearance in April 2009. Cell phone records show she made one call the same day her family reported her missing. That call came from the same forest highway where Keisha's remains were found discarded several months later.


Both women had a history of drug addiction and prostitution.


Joseph Zikuski was dismissed from his position on an unrelated sexual misconduct charge in 2015. To date, no connection can be found between Zikuski and Bambi Madden, Terry Dittman, Michelle Harris, Thomas Ruiz, or Osama bin Laden outside Zikuski's expected professional law enforcement capacity.


Both cases remain unsolved, and the killer of Keisha Roman remains at large. 

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